365 damaskuswien
The book is suitable for a wide range of uses for people of all ages who are interested in various fields of culture. It contains a timeless calender (without weekdays) and a lot of free space for writing, drawing etc. It can be used as an illustrated reading book and/or a diary, notebook and so on.

format: 22,4 x 17,2 cm, 216 pages
bilingual (German, Arabic), with photographs
by Cem Yücetas and illustrations by Angelika Mathis
Publisher: BUCHER Verlag Hohenems (former: Hämmerle)
ISBN: 3-902249-51-X, ISBN-13: 978-3-902249-51-7

You can order the book also through bookshops. In Vienna
there should be books in store in the bookshop "Lia Wolf"
A-1010 Vienna, Bäckerstraße 2, Tel: 01-5124094

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